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This one has finally started. The main point for this game is to manage and improve your team of players and help lead them to victory. Your team's success is your main focus.
Matches are played every day throughout the duration of the season. Your main source of income will be from ticket sales. This will be a guide to getting started on the right track.

Basic Beginner's Guide to GoalTycoon

When first getting into your account, and after your team is set up, you are given players and coaches. You need to have them start training right away.
Go to "Training" on the main menu to see the interface. Now, don't just stick players anywhere. They have certain position they specialize in, and those positions have primary stats to be concerned about. The below image is a visual for this. These stats appear when clicking on the player's shirt in the training interface.

While stats have not been confirmed by mods as far as the best ones to train in, there is a list that has been made based on logic and educated guessing!

Pure Forwards
CF = Centre Forwards, IF = Inside Forwards
Your main attackers. Give them the support they need and watch the points roll in.
Core Training : Shoot
Secondary Training : Head Shot (if tall)
Tertiary Training : Speed, Ball Control, Stamina, Passing, Long Shot

Offensive Support
HO = Hole (in between strikers & mid), OM = Offensive Midfield
In theory, these will assist the pure forwards. However, these guys themselves are more than capable of putting up some points.
Core Training : Head Shot (if tall)
Secondary Training : Long Shot, Ball Control, Shoot
Tertiary Training : Passing, Stamina, Speed, Tackling

Central Core
CM = Central Midfielders, DM = Defensive Midfielders
Your central players. Ball control and passing are useful here.
Core Training : Dribbling
Secondary Training : Long Shot, Passing, Stamina
Tertiary Training : Speed, Tackling (Core if DM)

RW / LW = Right & Left Wingers. SLM / SRM = Right & Left Side Midfielders
These players are as it says. Flankers. They will try to get past defense and/or stretch them thin. These guys are also good for setting as your corner shot/free kickers.
Core Training : Long Shot
Secondary Training : Speed, Passing, Ball Control
Tertiary Training : Tackling, Stamina

The Defense
CB = Centre Backs, SW = Sweepers, FLB / FRB = Full Left Back, Full Right Back, WLB / WRB = Wing Left & Right Backs.
Your first and main line of defense. As you would expect, these players are there to prevent the opponent from getting to your goal line.
Core Training : Tackling
Secondary Training : Speed, Stamina
Tertiary Training : Passing

GK = Goalkeepers
Your last line of defense.
Core Training : Keeping
Secondary Training: Speed

After you get your players set in the optimal training locations, move on to the Tactics menu. Here you will set the players that are currently participating in matches. Players should be placed on locations with labels matching their listed positions for best results. You can choose from many formations, so consider finding one that has the most positions that match your own player's desired roles. Players not placed in a desired role will have a negative effect on the team's scoring ratio. Matches take place automatically at set times every day.

I'm not yet sure exactly when your new team will begin playing matches. I would assume they will begin with the start of the next season, which appear to be on monthly cycles. This would at least give you some time to train your team and get it set up before starting games. Now for a few known tips on general gameplay.

Tips and Suggestions

Listen to the advisors. I still didn't have enough seats for this event. I lost a lot of money. Based on my ticket prices at the time of this screen, I could have made an additional $6,476.80 in ticket sales, which would have made my total income for today's match be $10,376.80 That's a lot of money.

Energy. They need this. They need it for everything. Matches and training both rely on this a lot. Energy can be obtained in several ways.
-Food: From the market you can buy food. This is consumed at set intervals and the energy gained is base don the quality of the food bought, as well as your restaurant's upgrade level.
-Drinks: Found next to the food in the market, these have the same effect. The difference is they can be consumed at will, and as far as I know, there is no limit to how many can be consumed. These are also affected by the restaurant's upgrade.
-Hotel: This building provides a set amount of energy every day based on the upgrade level. It starts out at 3 per day. Each upgrade adds another 3 per day.
Don't freak out over the prices of consumables. Many items are sold as a single item, but provide a quantity of 100. A few examples of this are food/drink and seats. At meal time, each player on your team will consume 1 pieces of food. Only feeding your current players (16 of them) means buying food once should last for at least 3 days worth of eating.

Using gold to buy youths is 100% necessary. Players age after seasons, and they retire to be trainers. I bought a 4 star youth as a goalkeeper, and a few other 1 star for defense to begin training them. Youth can be added to your main team once they reach a certain age. Unsure if this age is 16 or 18.

Increasing match and season bonuses within the tactics interface will convince your players to perform better, and increase your chances at winning a match. Winning is important because it increases popularity, and therefore your income later on. I only adjust my match bonus when I feel my players may need the extra incentive when facing the next team. The bonus is payed out (I think) only if you win the next match. I have not paid the bonus when my team tied the other.

Ticket prices. This one is entirely up to you. If you don't mind the hit to popularity, you can increase your ticket income by adjusting prices by clicking on the supported in the city. I've seen someone has adjusted them by double. Keep in mind that when I tried this, my popularity dropped by about 32 points. You only get this back with the game's normal methods. Note that the hit to popularity does not happen until the next round of tickets are sold for the next home match. Do not set ticket prices too high or else you won't get enough supporters to fill all the seats anyway. You start out with 1,000 seats available.

Pay attention during or after each match to check for a player that might have been injured. If you do not remove him from the main team and replace with a filler before the next match, this will result in an automatic loss and popularity decrease. If this is a home game, you will not get ticket sale income either.

Winning streaks provide moral bonuses for players. 3 wins = 20 Moral. Possibly larger bonuses with higher streaks.

For those that want to take the game seriously, there are some suggested first buys for your club. Keep in mind that buying more players/trainers will increase daily costs for wages. A necessary evil.
-0. Seats. Not taking advantage of all your supporters is only going to cause loss of profits. Income will NEVER increase if you don't have empty seats to fill.
-1. A full team of 11 youths. 2 or 3 stars. Or if you're serious enough, 4 to 5 stars. Once these players have a chance to mature and can participate, it will give your team a large advantage over other teams that have not yet bought these youngsters.
-2. Hotel upgrade. The first upgrade doubles the daily energy gain you start with. Higher upgrades help even more. Energy allows for faster training and better performance in matches.
-3. Trainer(s). Having at least a 2 star trainer will be necessary to get more out of players with higher ability than others. They also allow training to go faster.
-4. A potential great investment option. In the future, players will be sellable to other teams. 5 star players with the appropriate trained abilities are expected to sell at very high prices. They can also be used on your team while you own them, and they will be formidable.

It is not yet known how much difference there is in performance during actual matches between players of various star ability. However, I've spoken with a few others about this and we all agree along the lines that a 1 star team has a chance at winning against a 2 star, but no chance against 3 or more. We also feel to the same effect that a 5 star team only stands a chance to lose against other 5 star teams, and possibly 4 stars if those players are trained and cared for well.

Note that this game relies on another game for products to be created and put up for sale. More information about that one here: http://ecomarket.blogspot.com/p/market-simulation.html


That is all for now. More tips, suggestions, and guides will be added as I continue to play the game and find out more about it. Keep in mind that this is an investment game, and you may or may not be able to progress at all without spending a bit on food/drink, upgrades, and new players. However, play your cards well and this can easily turn into a great ROI.

I'm dedicated to my referrals. I will answer any questions to the best of my knowledge. You can message me in game, or use the form below. If using the form, be sure to include your in game username for the best answer I can give.

Thank you for contacting me. I will get back to you as soon as possible
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